CN plateform contributes to the promotion and the valorisation of cultural institutions. Furthermore, it helps them to easly enhance visits with multimedia content.


Today, cultural institutions mainly rely on audioguides systems to give visitors access to extra information during their visits. Those devices are expensive and difficult to evolve. But information technologies offer new opportunities to these institutions. In fact, databases are perfect tools to record institution's cultural artefacts information and QR codes can create the link between those physical objects and the database.

Unfortunately, cultural institutions managers usually don't have the skills or the money to create and maintain such an architecture. This is when Cultural Network comes. The idea of the company is to take advantage of the fact that today almost everybody have an amazing multimedia player right in their pocket: their smartphones.

Cultural Network is a platform composed of a cloud-based backoffice and a smartphone application. In the backoffice, institutions managers can easily create cards with images, videos, sounds or documents. A QR code, which is attached to the card, can be printed and exposed under a physical artefact. Visitors can then, using the CN application, scan the code and play medias.

The application is also listing all the institutions, and recommendations are done to the users regarding to their cultural profile.


The platform is composed of three different applications. The first one is the core of the system and is developed in Java EE. It contains all the business logic and expose REST services to the two other applications. The backoffice runs with PHP Symfony and Bootstrap as an interface system. The last part is the IOS Application.